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Friday, September 22, 2017

How to get approved on freebasics quick

Hello, to get approved by freebasics is really easy. You just have to follow their guidelines

I can remember how manty times i was turned durn due to things i didn't know about.


Details To Observe

In order to make your website display properly within the Free Basics Platform and be accessible to people on all types of phones and data plans, your mobile website(s) must meet certain technical conditions created by the Free Basics proxy. Specifically, mobile websites should work in the absence of:
  • JavaScript
  • iframes
  • Video and large images
  • Flash and Java applets
If websites are found to contain any of the above post-implementation, we will block them until we can confirm that the content has been removed.


In order to offer an experience that can work across devices, your service should remain functional and useful when JavaScript is disabled. This means that your content should not rely on JavaScript for any of the core user experiences, particularly navigation or other core functionality.


Some suppression may occur for iframes so make sure that your content doesn’t rely on them. We recommend avoiding iframes altogether as it tends to lessen a mobile experience.

Video and large images

To respect low-data consumption for people using Free Basics, please avoid large data-consuming resources such as video and high definition images. We will not display video files and will also truncate resources larger than 200 KB.

Flash and Java applets

Free Basics does not support Flash resources or Java applets. If your service makes use of these technologies, please ensure to implement proper fallbacks so that they are hidden appropriately and don’t disrupt the functionality of your site.

HTTPS support

We encrypt information for Free Basics wherever possible. When people use the Free Basics Android app, their traffic is encrypted end-to-end unless you specify that your service should be HTTP only. For the Free Basics website in a mobile browser, we use a “dual certificate” model to encrypt traffic between a person's device and our servers in both directions. If your server supports HTTPS, we will also encrypt traffic between our servers and yours. Even if your service doesn't yet support HTTPS, where possible we will encrypt that information between our  servers and people's devices unless you ask us to not use dual certificate HTTPS. When people use the Free Basics mobile website, information is temporarily decrypted on our secure servers to ensure proper functionality of the services and to avoid unexpected charges to people.
We preserve the privacy of that information while it's decrypted by only storing the domain name of your service and the amount of data being used—the same information that would be visible using end-to-end encryption—as well as cookies that are stored in an encrypted and unreadable format.

Internet.org Proxy

From within Free Basics, all traffic is routed through the Internet.org proxy. We do this in order to create a standard traffic flow so that operators can properly identify and zero rate your service. It is important to realize that your service is neither hosted nor cached by Internet.org — it still operates on your own servers and is completely maintainable by you — and by detecting requests that pass through the Free Basics Platform, you can apply controls such as geo-blocking for your content and/or measure your Free Basics Platform traffic.
 link of guidelines 

This was applied at www.wazobiatvnews.com blog

wow i got approved screenshots below

steps to submit site to freebasics

 1. visit partner facebook page here

2. You will have to fill a form like this below 

3. Input your site information

4. Click submit and proceed

Guest post by wazobiatvnews