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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Young youth writes about unity

I was trained and brought up to eschew violence in
all its ramifications
Violence is an ill wind that blows no good on
But how do you expect me to sit down on the fence
in the face of a struggle against oppression,
History tells me that freedom has never been won
on a platter of gold.


Why Boko Haram Targets To Destroy More Mosques In Nigeria, Than The So Called Churches  


It is through a struggle
It is through some sacrifice
It is through commitment and total conviction
If we don't fight today, we shall be forced to fight
tomorrow and it “might be to late to cry when the
head is already off”,
We must as a people, a nation , discourage
“bourgeois rationality ” in its entirety
Is it not suicidal for an unarmed person to engage
an armed man in a battle?
Things are no longer what they use to be, caution
has been thrown to the wind by these locusts who
call themselves military boys, and self-centered
politicians who consider might as right.
These are men who substitute logical arguments
with brutality, intimidation, who have no respect for
the sanctity of life,
Men, whose language is now, TEAR DOWN, KILL OR
Our military men have to be told point blank that
their duty is constitutionally spelt out in the
legislation .
Theirs is to defend the territorial integrity of the
country against external aggression and internal
It is an aberration for a group of men to seize
power through the barrel of the gun and continue to
impose their will on the entire people of the east.
I will live to fight injustice anywhere i detect it,
I do not need to consult any diviner to know that
Nigeria stinks to high heavens.
I do not need a philosopher to tell me that I am a
product for the struggle of unity.
By Isaac somto
Isaac somto (Blogger )
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