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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Interview with Isaac Somto

It was an exciting moment on Monday  when we had an opportunity to speak with a full time programmer and security researcher, popularly known as Isaac Somto

 Kindly take your time to read an exciting conversation between him and one of the reputable member of this organization(WAZOBIATVNEWS).

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Good afternoon Mr. Isaac Somto can you briefly tell us about yourself?

Isaac: I'm a young boy named Isaac JIDEONWOR, I hail from delta state and am
Currently based in Abuja land born into a family of 5

 WAZOBIATVNEWS: Thanks Isaac, Its our pleasure and honor to have you on. Let’s start with the origins of your apps. When did you start programming?

Isaac: I started wen i was 13 but stopped because of my education. But now I'm back.

 WAZOBIATVNEWS: Interesting… champions are really not made on a platter of gold. Tell us why did you choose to start again?

Isaac: (laughs) my big brother inspired me, i always watch him program and I was like wow.. He owns the website www.jidnet.wordpress.com

WAZOBIATVNEWS: That's really nice and undeniably energetic! What programming language(s) are you proficient in?

Isaac: Let me say, c programming language, python programming language, Java programming language... I also know HTMl.. But you know that's not a programming language

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Those are all powerful programming languages! Any role model that motivates you?

Isaac: Yeah my brother, oseni and anise... And a lot more

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Interesting! anyone would take on that. We learnt that you're into ethical hacking! 
When did you start hacking and how did you learn?

Isaac: I started hacking few months ago, actually earlier this year, i learnt ethical hacking on my own and a little bit help from 3 guys, namely Joseph Israel (my brother ), jack Hoffner(Spanish colleague), and rapuluchukwu(physics lover)

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Great! Can you tell us about some previous projects you've worked on or currently working on?

Isaac: I tried programming an A.I using python.. But it was a clean hack.. Actually now I'm just resting no project for now.. My biggest project was creating my app(Isaac browser v1.0)

WAZOBIATVNEWS: That's really a great one from a great coder! We know you developed an app called Isaac browser. can you tell us about it?

Isaac: It is a very good app, programmed with AIDE... It's a very good app.. It minimizes data.. Opens HTML documents and lots more...

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Wow awesome! What were some of the initial challenges you encountered when you first started out?

Isaac: I had no phone, i bought a second hand now c1 to start, i learned HTML, CSS and c programming with that

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Oh! so tell us where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Isaac: I see myself as a pastor, programmer and a lab scientist

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Ha ha you want to be a man of God

Isaac: (laughs) yeah bro

WAZOBIATVNEWS: How profitable is the programming job?
Isaac: Very profitable, like for example, Bill Gates one of the richest man in the world.. If I'm not mistaken is a programmer.

Let's talk about Nigerians seun lawal.. Have a net worth of about 2 billion naira

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Yes that true! but where do you see yourself and programming in Nigeria in the next five years?

Isaac: The atmosphere of programming in Nigeria is not very conducive it might get better in the next five years.. So i don't know what God holds for me.

WAZOBIATVNEWS:  Good, how do you think technology can better be improved in Nigeria?

Isaac: The number one hydra headed Monster in Nigeria is CORRUPTION, if the monster can be tackled technology will thrive in Nigeria... We have the brains no resources

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Thanks and what are your advice for upcoming Nigerian programmers and to everyone reading this in general?

Isaac: The number one drive in life is passion. For the upcoming programmers in Nigeria, they shouldn't loose faith, the market is challenging .. In summary just press on the right way the FUTURE is bright

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Inspiring, thank you very much for your time. Any means of contact in case someone out there wants to get in touch with you?

Isaac: My email is Isaacsonto@gmail.com .  They can also reach me there
Or on Facebook ISAAC SOMTO

WAZOBIATVNEWS: Thank you very much sir, we really appreciate.

Isaac: Okay thanks

Thank you for coming by, this was the interview between Wazobiatvnews and Mr Isaac Somto.

 The floor is now open to ask your questions..